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Kitchen Remodeling Guide

There are a lot of things to consider when remodeling your kitchen; space, style, storage, budget, materials, ROI and your contractor to name a few. Americans spend most of their time in their home in the Kitchen. You want your Kitchen to be functional, stylish and provide a good return on investment.

There is so much information we have in our Ultimate Planning Guide for kitchen remodels, we have broken it out into multiple categories. Starting with your budget planning and all the way to material selections and choosing the right contractor, use these guides in preparing your kitchen remodel.


Setting a Budget

How much do you want to spend? You should have a number in mind that you want to stick to. There is always the possibility that you run into overages and unforeseen items, for these reasons you should plan an extra 10%….

Setting a Budget



Kitchen Design & Layout

Everyone uses their kitchen differently, whether you’re a chef or do a lot of entertaining, maximizing your space and layout is one of the most important components in planning your kitchen remodel.

Kitchen Design & Layout

selecting your kitchen cabinets

Selecting Kitchen Cabinets

The backbone to your kitchen, cabinets bring some of the most attention to a kitchen remodel and for good reason. Cabinets are being used at not only aesthetic features in the kitchen, but for storage as well. It’s not uncommon for today’s kitchen cabinets to stretch to the ceiling to maximize storage space, or drawers in base cabinets to make storage more accessible for people.

So what choices do you have to make when choosing kitchen cabinets? Here is a quick guide to some of the popular choices.

Kitchen Cabinets


Selecting Kitchen Floors

When considering what type of flooring you want for your kitchen, remember that your kitchen gets a lot of foot traffic, so you are going to want something durable and easy to clean…

Kitchen Floors


Selecting Kitchen Countertops

Countertops can set the tone and feel for your kitchen, and often times dictate the kitchen design and are sometimes chosen before cabinetry. According to the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) cabinetry accounts for on average 10% of your kitchen remodeling budget. Consider how you plan to use your kitchen workspace when choosing your countertop material.

Kitchen Countertops

stove top selecting appliances

Selecting Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances are now getting more design than ever before. If you are working with a designer for your kitchen remodel, be sure to have a list of the types of kitchen appliances you would like. There are many styles to consider when choosing your appliances, make sure to stay consistent with the current theme of your kitchen.

Kitchen Appliances


How To Choose Best Contractor

When trying to choose the best remodeling contractor to head up your remodel, these simple steps can mean the difference between complete confidence and sleepless nights.

Choosing Contractor