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Specialty Restoration Services

Hardwood Floor Drying

A lot of people believe that if they have water on their hardwood floors then they are not salvageable. The truth is that hardwood floors can absolutely be saved if you find the damage early enough and respond quickly. If you already see heavy cupping or crowning it might be too late to save the floors, but as long as the floors have little to no warping there is a good chance we can save your floors with our injectidry¬†system. The injectidry¬†system is a mat drying system where it draws the water out from beneath the floorboards. Water will get trapped underneath the floorboards and begin to swell and warp the flooring if you don’t extract the water fast enough.



First Restoration Services sets up proper containment on all projects when necessary. When someone is in your home removing drywall, carpet, ceiling tiles, or other building materials it is important to protect the non affected areas from the effected areas, you don’t want cross contamination. If you don’t set up proper containment, the contaminants can get spread throughout your house by your HVAC, and also contaminate your HVAC.


Emergency Fire Board Up

After a fire, a home often has broken windows, doors, and holes in the roof from the firefighters putting out the fire and the fire itself. In order to protect the home from vandals and weather conditions, these openings need to be boarded up. First Restoration Services performs emergency board up services, 24/7, 365 days a year. Be sure to secure your property after a fire to prevent any additional damage.


Debris Removal

During a fire, there are a lot of items that can get damaged in your home, to the point where they are not salvageable. First Restoration Services has the capabilities to remove the debris from the property safely. We can also provide an inventory list of the non-salvageable items to your insurance; this will assist you and your insurance company while determining what is covered in your insurance policy. Do not attempt to clean up a project like this yourself. There are many contaminants in the debris after a fire and without the proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and training your health could be at risk.


Wall Cavity Drying

After major water damage situations, such as those resulting from storms, flooding, or burst pipes in a home, it may be necessary to drywall cavities and other small spaces as part of the total restoration effort. When placing air movers and dehumidifiers close to the wall surface is proving ineffective, First Restoration Services must drill holes into the surface to help speed the drying progress. By drilling the holes in the drywall and pushing air in the wall cavity, we can dry the affected area more quickly while causing minimal damage to the structure and rebuild process.


Thermal Imaging

Finding the wet areas after a pipe burst, flood, fire damage or any other water-related damage can prove to be very difficult. As a restoration professional, First Restoration Services makes sure all wet areas in the structure are being addressed. One very helpful tool to help determine wet areas and moisture is a thermal imaging camera. Using this device, we can look at the heat differences in the building materials to see where the water traveled and which areas need to be dried.

water moisture inspections

Large Scale Drying

Big open areas are more difficult to dry than the standard rooms in a residential home. Typically it is not efficient to use a standard portable commercial dehumidifier in big open spaces. In order to dry big open spaces quickly, you need desiccant dehumidifiers. First Restoration Services owns and operates multiple trailer-mounted desiccant dehumidifiers giving us the ability to dry large spaces. First Restoration Services also owns multiple trailer-mounted generators, so if your building doesn’t have power, we are able to power our own equipment.


Electronics Cleaning

One of the specialties at the First Restoration Services state-of-the-art cleaning facility is our capability to clean electronics: computers, stereos, televisions, and more. Our electronics cleaning station uses deionized water, which has the ions and minerals removed from the water. The minerals and ions are what causes corrosion and damage when water touches electronics. With this process, it is completely safe to wash and submerge the electronics in water to clean and restore them. So, before you throw away your electronics, call First Restoration Services to see if we can save them.


Soft Contents Cleaning

With our Esporta Wash System, First Restoration Services can clean and deodorize clothing, bedding, sneakers, purses, leather items, and sporting equipment that has been damaged by water, sewage, mold, fire, or smoke. With the Esporta Wash System, you might not have to throw out all your favorite clothes after a fire. Also by having this cleaning system, we are able to clean emergency items within 24 hours immediately after a fire, such as clothes and shoes, or your children’s favorite stuffed animal.


Thermal Fogging

Thermal fogging is done after a fire; it is an effective smoke odor removal procedure because it recreates the fire-related properties of heat and pressurization. Porous material picks up thermally activated deodorant droplets encapsulating the smoke odor attached to the structure. There are many techniques for deodorizing a home or business after a fire and thermal fogging is just one of many techniques to remove the smoke odor. Regardless, all these techniques require specialty deodorization equipment.


Large Scale Reconstruction

Responding to the emergency and the cleanup after a disaster is only the first part of a restoration project. First Restoration Services is a turnkey restoration company that is a licensed general contractor who can complete your rebuild, even large scale rebuilds. By being turnkey, you don’t have to deal with multiple contractors and we can streamline the project with your insurance carrier. A benefit of working with a restoration firm that is also capable of rebuilds is that they understand the insurance industry, know how to scope the project correctly, and work with insurance pricing.



Not every restoration company takes documentation seriously and the ones who do still don’t take it as seriously as First Restoration Services. Why is this important? Insurance requires a lot of documentation to make sure certain items in your policy are covered. Or, if you are a property manager and manage tenants, you need proper documentation to show your tenants you had a professional company take care of the damage. In order to protect you, and us, First Restoration Services properly documents every single job.

restoration services documentation

Sewage Cleanup

Sewage is very serious and should be cleaned up by a certified professional. Sewage carries an extreme amount of bacteria and contaminants, and proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) must be worn during the cleanup process. During this process, all building materials that were affected by sewage need to be removed. This is an industry-standard and should not be taken lightly. Do not let your insurance, contractor, or property manager tell you differently. It can not simply be dried and it’s a health hazard to leave in any materials that were affected by the sewage.