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Commercial Water Damage


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Water can enter a commercial property in an instant, without any warning signs and bring business to a halt. Regardless of how the water has entered the property, it’s important to act quickly and remove all standing water from the affected area and begin the drying process. If the water intrusion is left untreated, the damages will expand exponentially and mold quickly begin to infest the area. First Restoration Services of Asheville understands that time is of the essence for your business, so we strive to perform quick and effective commercial water damage restoration services so your business can remain profitable.

First Restoration Services has been servicing commercial properties in the Asheville area for over 30 years, making us your trusted commercial restoration company. We know that water can enter a commercial property without any warnings, so we offer a 24-hour emergency water damage hotline to all of our clients. Upon receiving the emergency call, we will send a team of IICRC certified water damage technicians to the property to begin the restoration process. Restoring your commercial property is our top priority, so we respond to calls 365 days a year, including all holidays.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration Near Me

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Common Causes Of Commercial Water Damage

Water can enter a commercial property through a handful of different causes from a leaking pipe, to a flood caused by heavy rains. However, the most common cause of water damage in commercial properties typically include: 

  • Overflowing Toiles 
  • Overflowing Sinks 
  • Malfunctioning Dishwashers
  • Natural Floods
  • Burst Pipes
  • Leaking Roofs


Is Commercial Water Damage Restoration Covered By Insurance?

Commercial water damage can be costly, depending on the extent of the damages, but these costs will be covered in most cases if your property is covered by the commercial water damage insurance. Not every policy is the same, and the coverage may vary based on the situation or how the water entered the property. Water damage can occur to any property at any given time, so it is suggested that water damage coverage is added to your policy. At First Restoration Services, we will work with your insurance company and the adjusters to make the claim process as seamless as possible. 

Our Commercial Water Damage Restoration Process

When you search for a commercial water damage company near me, you want a professional team of experts who knows how to do the job properly. Our commercial water damage restoration process is as follows:

Assessment Of Damages

After we receive your emergency water damage inspection near me call, we will send a team of IICRC certified technicians to your commercial property. Once the team has arrived, they will conduct an initial assessment of water loss and the damages. Conducting this initial assessment will allow the technicians to create a plan of action specific to the case at hand. 

Water Extraction

We will quickly begin removing as much water from the affected area as possible. To extract the water we will use specialized pumps and vacuums. If needed, we will also use water extraction mats to remove water from beneath the surface of the floor.


Once all of the standing and excess water is removed, we will begin drying the affected area. To do this we will use commercial grade air movers (fans) to circulate air into the affected areas. We will also regulate the humidity levels with industrial dehumidifiers. This step is the most important, and if performed incorrectly using DIY methods or another commercial restoration company, mold will begin to grow and create more damages. It’s important to note that mold can grow as quickly as 24-hours if given the right environment – organic materials, and moisture. Our professional water damage technicians will ensure all affected areas are totally dry before moving on to the next step. 

Commercial Water Restoration Services

After the structure is dry, our team will restore and items that may have been removed, such as carpets, baseboards, drywall, insulation, or other materials in the area. Once the commercial property is restored back to its original state prior to the water intrusion, our team will provide you with the documentation of our services and will work with your insurance company if needed. 

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Trust First Restoration Services of Asheville

First Restoration Services is your trusted, local commercial water restoration company near me. We have over 30 years of restoration experience and are industry leaders. Our team will provide the utmost care to quickly remediate your water damages, and get your business back up and running. We strive to provide the best restoration services in Asheville and surrounding areas. If your commercial property has been faced with a water intrusion and you’re searching for a water damage inspection near me, water damage restoration near me, or water damage repair near me, call First Restoration Services today!