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Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

When your business is jeopardized with fire damage, it is traumatizing and unsettling. After experiencing a loss like a fire, many business will have to shut down until the damages are remediated and the property is deodorized. At First Restoration Services we understand the emotions and stress associated with fire damage, we strive to remediate damages as quickly as possible and return your commercial property back to a profitable business. For this reason, we provide commercial fire damage restoration services in Asheville NC and beyond. When you’re searching forĀ  commercial fire restoration services near me, call First Restoration Services today.

Commercial Fire Damage Restoration Near Me

Asheville and Surrounding Areas


Our Fire Damage Restoration Process

We understand that time is very sensitive and it is not ideal to close the business doors so we offer 24/7 emergency fire damage restoration services, 365 days a year. To repair commercial fire damage near me, we will follow the following steps:

Secure The Property

After the facility has been cleared by the fire chief, we will enter and secure the property. During this step, we board up openings leading to the outside to prevent vandalism or other damages. Our team of IICRC certified technicians will also conduct an assessment of the damages, including any water damages from the extinguishing efforts


We will set up containment around all affected areas then will set up a ventilation system that will allow dust, soot, and smoke odors to waft out of the building.

Remove Contents

Next, we will then begin the pack-out process and dispose of all unsalvageable items. We will take all salvageable items back to our state of the art facility for industrial cleaning and storage. If items are needed to continue the day-to-day business, we will clean the items then return to the owners.


After all of the contents have been removed, we will begin cleaning the entire property. This will include all ceilings, walls, floors, and cabinetry to ensure all soot and smoke particles are removed from the building. We will also use industrial cleaning products to clean all carpets and furniture to remove the soot particles.


After we have finished cleaning, we will deodorize the entire property using specialized treatments and air scrubbers.


First Restoration Services is also a full-service construction company and we have the capabilities to fully restore your commercial property back to its original pre-fire state.

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Is It Safe To Work Through Commercial Fire Damage?

A commercial fire can cause more damages than the average business owner may think. When a commercial property is exposed to a fire, the soot and smoke will expand beyond the location of the initial fire and the damages are often invisible to the naked eye. Thus, working through fire damage can lead to smoke and soot exposure which can impose health complications. Also, employees can track smoke and soot particles out of the commercial building into their own homes and personal spaces. To eliminate this risk, we suggest moving to a different facility for business practices until the damages are fully remediated and we have cleared the property.

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Professional Fire Damage Restoration Cleanup Near Me

First Restoration Services has been servicing commercial properties across Asheville and surrounding areas for over 30 years. Our family-owned and operated restoration company is a leader in the industry, and we use the best methods and equipment. All of our technicians are insured and IICRC certified and have experience cleaning up some of the toughest fire damage cases. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, so we offer 24/7 emergency commercial restoration services, 365 days a year, including all holidays. If your commercial property has experienced a fire, don’t search any further for a commercial fire restoration company near me. Call First Restoration Services of Asheville today!