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Wind and Tree Damage

Tree damage can strike in a moments notice causing severe damage to your home. Typically from a falling tree during a storm or hurricane. Most homeowner’s insurance policy has tree¬†coverage but you should always contact your insurance agent once you find a tree has fallen on your home.

What If A Tree Falls On Your House

If you do have a tree fall on your house, the first thing you need to do is have it removed from a tree removal specialist. If you don’t know a tree removal specialist you can call First Restoration Services and we can help schedule one for you.

After the tree has been removed from your home or roof you need to get the damaged area of your home boarded up to prevent any additional weather damage in your home.

First Restoration Services provides emergency tarp and board up services 24 hours a day.

tree damage removal

A tarped roof or exposed area on a home will allow First Restoration Services to begin some of the mitigation services that might be needed to prevent any additional damage, such as water damage from weather. If you aren’t sure if you have water damage in your home, First Restoration Services can bring out our thermal imaging camera and inspect your walls and ceilings for water intrusion.

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