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Plumber Referral

First Restoration Services’ Plumber Referral Program

Attention all plumbers! Are you looking to partner with a trusted local business AND receive $250? Our plumber referral program allows you to do just that when you refer your customers to First Restoration Services for repairs and reconstruction.

How the Plumber Referral Program Works:

It’s simple! When you refer clients to FRS, you work with a reputable restoration services provider to offer a coordinated response to those who use your services. The $250 is an added incentive to let you know how much we appreciate your participation. Everybody wins! Here is how the plumber referral program workers:

  • When you have a customer that needs emergency plumbing services, you cut and cap the line.
  • If the property requires any water damage inspection, water removal, or anything water damage related, refer them to FRS. For any work, FRS does you receive $250.
  • If the homeowner hires FRS for the repairs or reconstruction, you receive all of the plumbing work, guaranteed!
  • If any further plumbing issues are discovered during the job, we will use your services to correct the problem.

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