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FRS Case Studies


Asheville Art Museum

First Restoration Services received a call at 3:48pm on December 27, 2011 regarding a sprinkler head that had burst on the second floor and causing water damage to the newly acquired East Wing of the Asheville Art Museum which was being remodeled. Water had migrated to the middle section of the building’s second, first and basement levels. The Museums’ art collection was in the North Wing and never in danger of being damaged by….

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Apartment Flood

It was late on Saturday, August 9th, 2014 when flash flooding hit Greenville, SC. At approximately 10:30pm a river ran through the community of Lakeside Place Apartments, causing flooding to nearly 63 lower units, with a water level as high as 3 feet. The flooding caused damage to the exterior of the buildings, the grounds, ac units, stairs, and the interior of 63 lower units. Many of the apartment units were affected with contaminated water in the entry way, living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms, creating a potentially unsafe……

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House Fire

Nearly a total loss, this house caught on fire in the middle of the night due to a malfunction in a ceiling fan. The fire was so intense smoke and soot seeped into every crevice. There were melted items and 95% of the contents were non-salvageable.

The first stage of this major reconstruction was to remove all…..

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Smoked Damaged Computer Cleaning

Testing, Removal & Pictures

  • Dry electronic equipment if it is wet. Plug in and run a diagnostics test.
  • Separate all components of the computer;  casing, keyboard, hard drive, battery, and screen if possible. Make sure the screen does not get wet.
  • Take photos of the computer in it’s damaged condition and throughout this process.

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montreat college water damage

Montreat College

A dormitory roof in Western North Carolina was replaced improperly. Due to the improper replacement the dormitory flooded several times. Because of excessive flooding and failure to dry the affected areas, it was deemed uninhabitable during a building inspection that revealed high levels of mold and moisture…

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Apartment Fire Damage Restoration

First Restoration Services completed a fire damage restoration project in Asheville, NC. The scope of work consisted of 14 units, with 4 of the units being completely destroyed. A lot of time and effort went into restoring the lives and homes for all the tenants, watch the video to see the full project timeline and people involved.