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Computer Cleaning Case Study

Testing, Removal & Pictures

  • Dry electronic equipment if it is wet. Plug in and run a diagnostic test.
  • Separate all components of the computer:  casing, keyboard, hard drive, battery, and screen if possible. Make sure the screen does not get wet.
  • Take photos of the computer in it’s damaged condition and throughout this process.


  • Use air nozzle to blow out all dust and soot so it does not clump inside the computer.
  • Use a pre soak spray and brush to agitate all areas of the computer including the circuit boards.
  • Pressure wash entire computer, then rinse off while using deionized water.
  • Use air nozzle again to blow out any air bubbles.
  • Perform external wipe down of the battery and hard drive.


  • Place all computer parts and hard drive into drying chamber with odor counteractant to dry and remove smoke odor.
  • Battery does not go in drying chamber.
  • Once dried, turn on once again and run another diagnostic check to make sure equipment is operational.

Facts on Electronics Cleaning

  • All electronics are washed using deionized water.
  • Cleaning sprays used are green.
  • Using the drying chamber opens the pores of the plastic to allow the odor counteractant to eliminate the smoke odor.
  • Electronics can be cleaned for 1/3 to 1/5 or better than the replacement cost.

Mac Computer Cost Breakdown Case Study


3 Macbook Laptops – Interior & Exterior – $257.04/each
iMac 21” – Interior & Exterior – $357.93


Total – $1,129.05


3 Macbook Laptops – $1,199/each
iMac 21” – $1,299


Total – $4,896