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FRS Team

Chris and Shelley Silliman: Owners

Chris and Shelley Silliman: Owners


Chris, originally from Ohio, and Shelley, originally from Florida, are the owners of First Restoration Services. Still very active in everyday operations, they have both built a company together that continues to strive year in and year out. First Restoration Services started as only an emergency services company and now FRS is a licensed general contractor completing rebuilds after fires and home remodeling. FRS also specializes in cleaning for the insurance industry by cleaning your contents, and home or business and are now involved in the home cleaning business. With Chris and Shelley’s values instilled into the everyday work FRS does, this has allowed the company to strive and be successful. FRS wouldn’t be FRS without Chris and Shelley.

Shawn Silliman: Construction Manager

Shawn Silliman: Construction/Repairs Manager


Shawn is a licensed General Contractor and pivotal to our construction side of the business.With his education and expertise, FRS is capable of completing almost any construction project. Shawn and his team (Carmelo and Dawson) are completing more than 100 projects a year.

email: shawn@firstrestorationwnc.com

Kelly Silliman: Office/Production Manager

Kelly Silliman: Office/Production Manager


Kelly is originally from Winston Salem, and she helps keep everything in the office running smoothly. She manages a lot, including but not limited to; accounting, accounts receivables, accounts payable, expenses, and our front office receptionist.

email: kelly@firstrestorationwnc.com

Dawson Early: Project Manager/Estimator

Dawson Early: Project Manager/Estimator


Dawson is originally from Michigan and is the emergency services manager. He is the one responsible for all restoration technicians and turning your disaster into the best possible experience considering the circumstances and getting you back into your home or business.


Carmelo Velez: Project Manager

Carmelo Velez: Project Manager/Estimator


Carmelo is originally from New York and has worked for a national restoration company managing large loss multimillion dollar reconstruction projects. Carmelo manages all construction jobs in Buncombe, Madison, and Haywood Counties.

email: carmelo@frs247.com

Kristy: Front Office Receptionist

Kristy: Front Office Receptionist


Kristy is our office receptionist and handles all incoming calls.She also assist the emergency, repairs and marketing department in a number of different daily task. Kristy is a graduate of the University of South Carolina.

email: kristy@firstrestorationwnc.com

Jeff Carrier: Marketing Director

Jeff Carrier: Marketing Director


Jeff is originally from New England and is an avid sports fan. He received his Marketing degree from Plymouth State University and moved to Asheville 5 years ago. Jeff is responsible for all marketing, sales and business development for First Restoration Services.

email: jeff@frs247.com


Maria Aponte Fulwood: Customer Relations Manager


Maria is one of our marketing representatives catering specifically to insurance agents, plumbers and the home builders community. Maria’s role is to make sure everyone from her markets are happy and getting all the necessary information they need before/during/after our jobs we do for them.

email: maria@frs247.com