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Selecting Your Kitchen Appliances
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Selecting Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances are now getting more design than ever before. If you are working with a designer for your kitchen remodel, be sure to have a list of the types of kitchen appliances you would like. There are many styles to consider when choosing your appliances, make sure to stay consistent with the current theme of your kitchen. A new style entering a lot of new kitchens is more commercial kitchen appliances: the big cook top, or double wall oven is a new trend in today’s kitchens.

Refrigerator – Top-bottom models or side-by-side is typically a personal choice. You will also have to consider the space where the refrigerator is going and if you will want a full depth, counter depth or built in refrigerator. How much of a refrigerator will you need? One rule of thumb is you will need 12 cubic feet for two people, and 2 more cubic feet for each additional household member.

Ranges/Oven – Gas or electric, again is a personal preference. A new trend in kitchens is the modular approach of separating wall ovens from your cooktop creating a more flexible cooking area. Depending how serious of a cook you are, and if you need a commercial-style stove, the hood vent will be more important to make sure you have appropriate ventilation.

Sinks – When choosing a sink, think shape, size and depth. One of the popular sink configurations we see today is a single large rectangle basin. Once you choose the shape and size of your sink based on function, your next decision is the material. You may opt for a sink in shiny stainless steel, colorful enamel on cast iron, solid surfacing, or quartz composite.

Dishwasher Upgrades – Dishwashers have undergone changes over the years, replacing loud, clunky eyesores with incognito models that are so quiet it is difficult to tell if they are on. Look for models that feature concealed control panels built into the top of the door and stylized paneling that keep this appliance from standing out. Quieter motors and stainless-steel interiors help keep down dishwasher noise, a crucial feature for open-plan homes or kitchens with adjacent entertaining spaces.

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