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Kitchen Design & Layout
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Kitchen Design & Layout

Everyone uses their kitchen different, whether you’re a chef or do a lot of entertaining, maximizing your space and layout is one of the most important parts in planning your kitchen remodel. It’s smart to write down some of your goals for how you want the space to be used. Here are the kitchen zones you need consider in your planning.

Work Zones

  • Foods – Storage for groceries, non-perishable items, refrigerated and frozen foods.
  • Dishes – Space for dishes, glasses, cutlery and odds-and-ends, such as scissors or desk items.
  • Cleaning – An area for recycling/waste management with recycling bins and trash cans, and space for household cleaning items.
  • Food Preparation – The main work area with access to utensils, knives, small appliances, cutting boards, mixing bowls, etc.
  • Cooking – where you’ll find pots, pans, bakeware, cooling racks, etc.


  • Entertaining – An island, peninsula or other bar area that can accommodate stools and serve as a stand-or-sit space for cocktails or dinner. Or, an entertainment configuration might include a conversation zone with lounge chairs and a low table or versatile ottoman.
  • Dining – A place where family can eat breakfast together, or where a household can host a holiday dinner (depending on goals for the space).
  • Working – Either dedicated work station or hidden features like a drop-down touch-screen computer.


Every square inch matters in your kitchen, when designing a new layout be creative on how to generate new space for storage. Here are a few storage ideas for you to consider when designing your kitchen.

  • The space above the cabinets and between the ceiling
  • Pull out draws to store more and reach deep cabinets
  • Think vertical – some kitchen cabinets can add additional storage by storing items vertically
  • Utilizing your island
  • Utilize corners with a carrousel style rack that spins and allows easy access to items in the back
  • Sink storage – the typical “false drawer” can be turned into valuable space
  • Not a fan of a luzy susan, how about corner drawers?
  • Remember the Toe Kick – under your cabinets can be used for storage, items like pot holders, lids and more

Kitchen Styles

  • Country Farm House
  • Modern
  • Cottage Charm
  • Contemporary
  • Mediterranean or French Country
  • Coastal
  • Old World
  • Traditional
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