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Setting Your Kitchen Remodel Budget
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Kitchen Remodel Budget

How much do you want to spend? You should have a number in mind that you want to stick to. There is always the possibility that you run into overages and unforeseen items, for these reasons you should plan an extra 10% in your budget. So if you want to spend $10,000, your wallet should be ready to spend $11,000 but all your selections and bid from your contractor totals $10,000. You can get an idea of where to allocate your money with this Kitchen Remodel Budget Worksheet.

Doing your homework is going to be important in this planning step. In order to properly allocate your funds in your Kitchen remodel, you need to find the right materials that fits into your budget. For example, going from MDF cabinets to Maple is going to be a significant difference in cost. So, the better you can plan on which materials you can afford, the more likely you will be able to have your Kitchen Remodel within budget.

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