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Selecting Your Kitchen Floors
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Selecting Kitchen Floors

When considering what type of flooring you want for your kitchen, remember that your kitchen will get a lot of foot traffic so you are going to want something durable, and easy to clean. That shouldn’t mean you ignore style, as the kitchen floor is what helps tie everything in the room together. Here are some options you can consider for choosing your kitchen floor.

Kitchen Floor Materials

Porcelain Tile

These tiles are fired at about 1800 degrees Fahrenheit, so they’re tough as nails and aren’t likely to chip. They are also available in a range of colors, textures and designs and are affordable.

porcelain tile floorsLimestone

A natural stone that gives great character to a space but is not as durable as porcelain and it’s more porous, which makes them likelier to stain. Needs to be cleaned more often.

limestone tile floors Cork – Cork is a durable, versatile material available in a variety of colors. It is water-resistant and reduces impact noise.

cork floorsVinyl – This flooring offers a variety of styles and colors in either tiles or sheets for those on a budget.

vinyl flooringHardwood Floors – The most popular choice right now for kitchen floors among Americans. Hardwood floors are softer on the feet and can do a great job connecting to other rooms in your house if have an open space, making one seamless transition.

hardwood floors kitchen

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