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Kitchen Water Damage in Black Mountain NC
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First Restoration Services prides ourselves on a quick and effective response. We were able to put this into practice recently after receiving a call from a frantic mother with a kitchen disaster. Today, we’re discussing the details of the water damage Black Mountain NC job and how we were able to turn a stressful situation into a positive resolution.

The Details of the Water Damage Black Mountain Situation

FRS took the call around 7:35 AM on a Thursday. As the homeowner finished preparing lunches for her children, she started to wash dishes. Immediately after turning on the faucet, water began pouring out of the cabinet under the sink. The result was a small, but substantial flood.

Moisture dispersed throughout the kitchen, collecting on top of the tiles and saturating the cabinet. Fortunately, the homeowner recognized the immediate need for water restoration and called First Restoration Services.

Our Response to Water Damage Black Mountain NC

Upon receiving the call, we were able to dispatch a team to the Black Mountain NC home within 30 minutes. We performed a water damage Black Mountain inspection, which identified the source of the issue. A screw had come loose on the sink faucet. While this was a fast fix, the actual water damage would take a bit more effort.

Although the kitchen flood was relatively contained, the damage had been done. The moisture penetrated the particle board under the sink and floor below. To attend to this, our crew immediately performed water extraction, sucking up all of the standing water with our water removal pumps.

After, a dehumidifier was placed in the kitchen and the cabinet left open to allow for air circulation. After a few days, we had completely dried the cabinet and floor. Thanks to the homeowner’s quick thinking, we were able to avoid extensive water damage repairs.

FRS is Your Partner for Water Damage Emergencies

When it comes to water damage Black Mountain, you cannot afford any delays. Doing so can be the difference between a quick water damage cleanup job and an extensive water restoration project that requires repairs. Fast action prevents secondary damages such as mold, warping, structural instability, and other issues. Call First Restoration Services for fast action water restoration!

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