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I Have Mold In My Bathroom
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I Have Mold In My Bathroom Behind My Vanity Cabinets

It’s not uncommon to have mold in your bathroom. The frequent use of water, high humidity and reliance on one small fan is part of the reason we are all accustomed to seeing mold in our bathrooms, one way or another. Typically we might see mold growth in or around the bath tub or shower liner. However, one area we rarely check or expect to see mold is behind or under our vanity cabinets.

This is exactly what happened in a recent job by First Restoration Services. Originally called out for a small amount of “black stuff” and mushrooms growing out of the carpet, which could of been mold, turned out to be a much bigger ongoing issue.

mold in bathroom first restoration servicesmold in bathroom first restoration services

How to Check for Water Leak in a Bathroom

It is not uncommon for your plumbing to have a leak and go undetected for a long time resulting in something similar to the images above. Here are eight ways you can check for a water leak in your home and bathroom.

  • Check the pressure relief valve on the hot water tank
  • Check the toilet for leaks by removing the top off the tank and listening very closely – If you hear any hissing at all, try to locate where it is coming from
  • If the toilets are fine, check the line running from the meter to the house
  • If you have the valve shut off at the house and the meter has stopped moving, then the leak is somewhere in the house
  • Check the shower head for leaks
  • Smell – Old, accumulated water tends to leave a mildewy type of smell
  • Floors – Discolored grout, stains/water marks
  • Cabinets – Warping, delamination, signs of rot, finish is bubbling

What to do when you find mold in your bathroom?

The best thing to do when you find what you suspect to be mold in your home or bathroom is to call a professional who is certified in mold removal. The professionals can evaluate the mold damage and make recommendations if you should bring in an industrial hygienist for testing or what might be the next best steps. There are a lot of precautions taken when it comes to mold removal, as a homeowner it’s smart to hire a professional company who is properly insured and experienced in handling mold removal.

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