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How To Spot Water Damage
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How To Spot Water Damage

  1. Cabinets – Warping, signs of rot, delamination, finish is bubbling
  2. Ceiling – Discoloration, sagging, bubbling or peeling paint
  3. Floors – Discolored grout, stains/watermarks, warped, soft, spongy, loose tiles
  4. Wood Floors – Cupping, the board is dipped in the center. Crowning, board is raised in center
  5. Smell – Old, accumulated water from leaky pipe tends to leave a mildew type smell

Spotting water damage can be difficult because sometimes you don’t notice it until it is too late. The five ways mentioned above are great ways to keep your eyes open for the more common examples of water damage in your home. The common reasons for finding water damage in your home could be from a recent sink overflow, a water leak underneath or behind your sink, vanity, cabinets, shower/tub, toilet line break, dishwasher or outside faucet. If suspect you have water damage in your home but need further inspection, call First Restoration Services and we can inspect your home with a thermal camera for free.

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