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Why Use Green Cleaning Products
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Using Green Cleaning Products

First Restoration services uses green cleaning products for no additional charge. Our green products are made from organic plant based extracts. There are no synthetic fragrances, dyes, or bleach. In fact, our green products don’t have any warnings/cautions on the label and is even safe enough to drink. It’s 100% organic.

Typical house cleaners we grew up with contain toxic ingredients and chemicals that were used to wipe down toilets, sinks, kitchen counters and floors. Going with natural cleaning products has many advantages such as:

  • Not ingesting harmful chemicals – here are four commonly used harmful chemicals in cleaning products
    • Phtalates -in fragranced products
    • Triclosan – in liquid dishwashing detergent
    • 2-Butoxyethanol – in multi-purpose cleaners
    • Chlorine – in laundry whiteners and toilet bowl cleaners
  • Keeps kids more safe – using natural cleaning products will reduce the chance of an accidental poisoning and protect them from ingesting harmful toxins
  • Not poisoning the water supply – various household cleaning agents can contain toxic chemicals. So when you wash your clothes, do the dishes and even flush toilet bowl cleaner you may be sending these chemicals back in the water system and nearby rivers, lakes and streams. This could make its way back into your water and it can also have a negative impact on wildlife and the environment.
  • Keep the air clean – many household products, especially sprays and aerosols, can contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can have short and long term health effects.
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