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3 Amazing Benefits of Matterport 3D Data Capture Technology
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Matterport’s Top Tool for Insurance Adjusters

First Restoration Services understands the need for accurate estimates, as well as processes that expedite restoration insurance claims. After all, our goal is to empower the property owners we serve by offering the most effective services, practices, and technology in the business.

One way FRS exemplifies this value is through the use of Matterport’s 3D data capture platform to quickly draw up accurate loss documentation. By investing in the benefits of Matterport, we eliminated the need for hundreds of photos, dimensions, and written statements. This undoubtedly accelerates the estimate, restoration, and repair process, enabling clients to return to their home and normal life much quicker than ever before.

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Prior to using Matterport, FRS completed inspections and estimates by way of onsite evaluation in compliance with industry standards. Yet, the high volume of projects we work on deemed this method slow and cumbersome, as each estimate necessitated two to three days after the initial visit to complete. Understandably, our insurance adjusters, homeowners, and business owners found the lengthy wait to be a hassle during an already stressful time.

Our adoption of Matterport’s 3D platform has completely changed the way we do business. Not only does the technology make the lives of our estimators and technicians easier, it also benefits property owners as well. FRS is happy to have the help of Matterport and we think you will be too. The benefits of Matterport offer insurance adjusters a more efficient, organized, and effective method for closing out claims.

The Helpful Benefits of Matterport

One test run ultimately convinced us that Matterport’s product allows us to “work smarter, not harder” as the hold adage says. It is not difficult to achieve with the many benefits of Matterport. There are several ways FRS has been able to better serve our customers that we think insurance adjusters will benefit from:

1. Increased Accuracy

To err is human. Even still, errors are the last thing you need when attempting to determine whether a restoration job is covered by insurance or not. Between the potential loss of information, incorrect calculations, and the limits of human capability, inaccurate claim documentation is a headache. One of the biggest benefits of Matterport is that it eliminates concerns such as these.

When First Restoration Services responds to disaster emergencies, we scan a high-fidelity 3D digital twin. This captures pictures, measurements, and even allows us to add digital tags to make important notes about the premises. Later, our estimators zoom in and out to see a dollhouse view of the property with the ability to rotate along any axis. This gives us a complete view of the space that regular two-dimensional pictures simply cannot.

By gathering the pertinent and accurate information the first time, it is possible to cut down on estimate turnaround time by 20% and the entire claims process by nearly 30%. This strengthens relations with customers, lowers operational costs, and saves you time and energy.

2. Easier Documentation and Coordination

Some insurance adjusters are sticklers for physical evidence and documentation, and that’s okay. However, First Restoration Services has seen firsthand how Matterport helps, often reducing sketch times by as much as 70% thanks to having an accurate representation of the data.

Features such as the Matterport Measurement Mode allow insurance adjusters and contractors to view spatial dimensions of any part of the home. Mattertags denote equipment and pre-existing conditions to minimize the possibility of future disputes.

After drafting up an estimate, FRS directly shares our findings with insurance companies remotely to make adjustments. The amazing digital capacity of the Matterport 3D platform ensures that no detail is left out via complete documentation of the entire restoration process. This eliminates the likelihood of repetitive field visits and reduces the time it takes to cover the claim.

Navigating the post-disaster mess for insurance adjusters is challenging. Fortunately, the use of the 3D Matterport platform paves the way for cordial coordination and communication with clients, insurance companies, and contractors by way of easier documentation.

3. Increased Customer Satisfaction

Matterport’s many valuable features would mean nothing if it did not improve the experience of customers. While the power of Matterport makes your life as an insurance adjuster easier, we think those you serve will enjoy it too.

During the actual project, FRS documents pre-mitigation and post-mitigation conditions, as well as personal belongings to track loss and progress. This gives the customer and insurance adjusters a complete picture of the process to more quickly resolve the situation. The ability to coordinate with insurance adjusters in this manner means that claims are processed more quickly, adding to client satisfaction.

Even better, if a property is without electricity, light, or internet access due to a disaster, you will still able to get the job done. Matterport’s portable technology documents quickly and offers a long-lasting battery, ensuring that no estimate is left unfinished.

Insurance Adjusters and Matterport: A Winning Combination

From walk-throughs, schematic floor plans, and tags, to measurements and high definition photos, it is not difficult to see the advantages of Matterport for insurance adjusters. Simply pair a compatible camera with a Matterport subscription plan to make use of the incredible technology.

Using a reliable tool such as Matterport’s 3D platform demonstrates commitment to innovation and excellent customer service. Save time, easily navigate the claims process, do away with discrepancies, and decrease costs – these are just a few of the benefits of Matterport. First Restoration Services is proud to have Matterport in its arsenal, and we think insurance adjusters will be too.

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