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Fire Damage Hendersonville NC

Emergency Fire Damage Restoration In Hendersonville NC

Dealing with fire damage Hendersonville disaster is among any homeowner’s worst nightmare. The damage can be overwhelming and impact your living situation, your personal belongings, vehicles, and of course your property. Along with the actual fire damage, there are often secondary damages that come with it. Water damage and broken windows or doors from the extinguishing efforts make any fire damage restoration job a time dependent emergency. One of the first things you’ll find yourself searching for is a fire damage company near me and fire damage inspection near me.

The emergency response team at First Restoration Services are available 24 hours a day. Upon receiving your call, we will send out our fire damage Hendersonville technicians immediately to begin addressing the immediate concerns. As soon as your property is deemed safe to enter, we will move in and secure your structure with our emergency fire board up services and roof tarping.

When searching for fire restoration companies near me, call the experts at First Restoration Services 24/7.

Fire Board Up Services

After fire damage Hendersonville, there will be many tasks that require attention. For instance, fire board up services should be completed swiftly following the fire to prevent further damage. Fire board up services provide an extra layer of security for your property to protect against animals, vandals, and the elements.

First Restoration Services covers exposed windows and other entry points with plywood when we provide fire board up services. Call FRS for 24/7 emergency response to your fire damage board up needs in Hendersonville NC and beyond. Our fire board up experts thoroughly inspect all damages before boarding up windows, doors, and missing walls. We eliminate the stress of mitigating a fire while also attending to the insurance claim.

fire board up

Our Fire Damage Hendersonville Restoration Process

The aftermath of a fire can be daunting. For the average homeowner, the damages and mess left behind, along with all the contractors and paperwork you’ll have to handle, it can become overwhelming very quickly, especially when you factor in the stress and emotions that are involved. On top of handling these aspects, you’ll also want a reputable fire restoration company near me. At First Restoration Services, our job is to help you recover from the fire, from start to finish. The fire damage restoration services we offer include:

  • Fire Damage Inspection
  • Stabilizing Property
  • Fire Damage Cleanup & Debris Removal
  • Structure Cleaning
  • Smoke Damage Cleaning & Smoke Deodorization
  • Fire Damage Repairs
  • Insurance Assistance

Fire Damage Cleanup

smoke damage cleaning, smoke soot cleaning, smoke deodorization


Smoke Damage Cleaning & Smoke Deodorization

Smoke’s natural composition makes it difficult to clean, often generating a great deal of damage in your Hendersonville home or business. Smoke and soot lodge themselves deep into the fibers of carpet and upholstery, in addition to damaging the spaces behind cabinets and walls, corroding surfaces and leaving ugly discoloration behind. As a solution, FRS offers professional smoke damage cleaning, smoke soot cleanup, and smoke odor removal for homes and businesses in and around the Hendersonville NC area.

First Restoration Services’ adherence to IICRC protocols for smoke soot cleanup enables us to complete smoke damage cleaning and smoke deodorization projects both big and small. To get your life back to normal after fire damage Hendersonville, call FRS today. We respond quickly to make your home or business habitable again, returning it to pre-loss condition.

Fire Damage Repairs

As a licensed general contractor, First Restoration Services offers comprehensive fire damage restoration and fire damage repairs. Beyond the emergency response services, the initial fire damage inspection, the cleanup and the damaged materials removal, our team of fire damage restoration technicians have the experience and certification to provide professional reconstruction and fire damage repairs of any size and scope.

Call a fire restoration company near me that has the tools and training to finish the job correctly the first time. First Restoration Services stands behind our fire damage repairs work.

Fire Damage Restoration

Hendersonville, NC

Hendersonville is a small city located in Western North Carolina. According to the U.S. Census, in 2017 the population of Hendersonville 19,954. Hendersonville was incorporated in 1847 and is full of deep, rich history. Visiting downtown Hendersonville is like taking a step back in time. Many of the original buildings still line Main Street. First Restoration Services is proud to be the fire damage Hendersonville restoration company near you.