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Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

FRS Construction is a local kitchen remodeling contractor. We help you with the entire kitchen remodeling process, everything from kitchen design & ideas, selecting your floors, cabinets, appliances and of course quality construction.

Does quality matter for you? At FRS we take pride in our work and make sure all subcontractors on our jobs have been qualified and approved to work for FRS Construction. We know the homeowners we work with have high standards, and we want to meet those expectations.

Free Consultation

Would you like to speak to one of our project managers about your upcoming project? Need a site visit to make sure that kitchen wall you want to tear down is ok to tear down? How about if you want to transform your kitchen design to include a kitchen island? We can help you discuss all your options as you plan for your kitchen remodeling project. Submit your information on our consultation form and we will contact you to schedule a free kitchen consultation.

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    Kitchen Remodel: Ultimate Planning Guide

    Not sure where to start? FRS Construction has put together some great resources to get you started on your kitchen remodeling project. Whether you are just starting and need ideas, or you need help picking materials or maybe you have everything you need to be planned and now just need to select a remodeling contractor, this guide can help you. Here is what it covers;

    • Setting a Budget
    • Design & Layout
    • Choosing Your Materials
      • Floors
      • Cabinets
      • Appliances
      • Countertops
    • Choosing a Contractor

    Kitchen Remodeling Guide