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First Restoration Services 12 Days of Christmas

Day 12 of Christmas Contest


How to Play:

  1. At 11:00 am: Visit our website (www.FRS12Days.com)
  2. This year’s game is “Trivia.” Remember, our game is always holiday-themed, so the answers will be holiday-themed too!
  3. ONLY SUBMIT ANSWERS TO: 12Days@frs247.com.
  4. You must be the 10th person with the correct answer in order to win.
  5. Winners will be notified on the day of by phone.

*Please note you are NOT eligible to win more than one daily prize each year. We will select 12 different winners.

You MUST submit your answer to the 12 Days email address (12days@frs247.com) in order to be qualified to win. Answers submitted to any other email, sent as replies to our newsletter, or sent to our customer Chat Box DO NOT QUALIFY to win.

Day 12 Prize:

Xbox Series S Digital Console

Day 12 Answer:

2023 Winners