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Fire Damage Biltmore Forest

Fire Damage Biltmore Forest

First Restoration Services is a fire damage restoration company in Biltmore Forest. Fire can cause an astronomical amount of damage to your property, vehicles and belongings.

Do not try to clean fire, smoke or water damage on your own. Call a professional fire restoration services company like First Restoration Services who is an IICRC Certified Firm.

When you call a restoration company to start restoring the damage immediately, you are proving to your insurance company that you are not negligent. If you fail to act quickly after a fire, your insurance company can decide not to cover your loss due to negligence.

Fire Damage Restoration Biltmore Forest Repair Steps

fire restoration company biltmore forestAfter searching for a Biltmore Forest fire restoration company near me and placing a call to us about fire damage in Biltmore Forest, we arrive quickly on site. Our crew brings you a fire bag of necessities including water, snacks and a stuffed animal to comfort any children at the scene of the fire.


fire damage repairs biltmore forsestWe begin emergency fire board up to stabilize your home and prevent further water damage. We also start the dehumidification phase.


restoration company in biltmore forestFirst Restoration Services is a licensed general contractor and the first to answer when you are looking for Biltmore Forest fire damage restoration companies near me. We can complete your fire restoration job from start to finish.

We perform services in Biltmore Forest and surrounding areas in Western North Carolina.

After Fire Damage Biltmore Forest

After fire damage, do not enter the building until the fire marshal says it is safe to do so. This is because the structure stays extremely hot long after a fire has been extinguished. Additionally, debris and possible holes in the flooring make it dangerous to walk through.Soot and smoke will also affect the air quality and the contents of your home.

fire damage biltmore forest


  • Board up windows, roofs and other damaged areas or retain a contractor to secure your property
  • Contact a local fire damage company near me and your insurance agent
  • Contact the Red Cross, Salvation Army or your church if you need emergency housing, food, clothing, basic furniture, or counseling for you or your children
  • Ventilate by opening your windows (if weather permits)
  • Empty your refrigerators and freezers if the power is out
  • Have a plumber winterize if your heat is off during winter
  • Keep all receipts for possible insurance reimbursements

Do Not:

fire cleanup Biltmore Forest AVL

  • Throw away damaged items until you document them for insurance purposes (and reimbursement)
  • Eat canned goods that have been exposed to heat from a fire.
  • Try to clean furniture and books/paintings yourself. If soot is not cleaned with the proper cleaning agents, further damage can result.

Why Choose First Restoration Services

First Restoration Services is a full service, family owned fire damage near me restoration company with 30 years in the industry. Our goal is to be a trusted pro and friend.

  • We are the first to respond when you need a fire damage inspection near me and a Biltmore Forest fire restoration company near me.
  • We work with your insurance company to cover the price and work involved.
  • Quality of work and timeliness
  • Decades of experience
  • We are locally owned with a commitment to community
  • All of our employees go through mandatory background checks and drug screenings